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About Sky

Why Shop SkyRestaurant?

Real People. Expert Knowledge. Superior Selection.

About Sky Restaurant focuses on grilling products, grilling accessories, and grilling guides. We bring them all to you with guaranteed quality and affordability, from gas grills to charcoal grills, electric grills, and cool smokeless indoor grills. Whatever you need, we’ll serve you with accurate information to help you make the best buying decision.

Grilling since Childhood

My longtime partner and friend and I lived for the glorious pre-summer days from a tender age. On windless and sunny afternoons, our parents would bring out the grills and set on to make mouthwatering meals.

We fell in love with the alchemy of operating a grill, cooking on it, and producing delectable results. As soon we were old enough to handle the heat, we took to grilling as a hobby. The interest became a passion and later a profession.

Grilling at School

We have perfected and professionalized our passion over the years. You can expect excellent grilling advice and product recommendations.

If you love to smoke, grill, roast, or sauté your foods, you have come to the right place.

We share our knowledge and experience with diverse grilling tools. Be sure to read a couple of our reviews before you buy grilling equipment.

And if you have found your match, we share the grilling techniques, tricks, and tips to help you get the most from it.

Grilling on the Job

We grill everywhere, inside the office, the parking lot, and on the rooftop. All our teams share in that passion.

If you run a barbeque restaurant, we know that your reputation is staked on your offerings. You have a responsibility to serve good barbeque to retain loyal customers. Sky Restaurant has everything you need to amp your game. We do your homework for you to help you make barbeque that tastes like a home-cooked meal.

Whenever new equipment hits the market, we are the first to try it. You can trust our product recommendations to save money and to get the best performance. Sky Restaurant is fully plugged in and determined to help the commercial grilling community.

Grilling at Home

Judith and I started grilling in our teenage years. We both like to make great food with friends and family. We cannot get enough of the aromas, the smoke, and the intoxicating flavors.

We grill summer through fall to winter and spring. We do it in the backyards and indoors whenever we get the chance. With great barbeque—and an excellent smoker or grill –it feels comfortable to stay at home.

If you are looking to make the perfect meals for your family on a grill, we’ve got your back. We are the queens of cookout and Thanksgiving dinner. We have mastered the journey and can help you learn it with our how-to guides and grill and smoker reviews.

Our neighbors, friends, and family often look to us for culinary advice. We have helped many buy their first grill, upgrade to a new model, or modify their current model per their specific needs. Navigating the grills market, from wood to pellet grills, charcoal grills, gas grills, and infrared grills, can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help.

Why is No Ordinary Grilling Site

We aim to guide and cut through complexities. The products you find here are rigorously researched, tested, and reviewed by Judith and me with our fact-checking teams’ support.

The below themes guide our product selections, and echo throughout our site:

Quality and diversity: When you explore our site, you will come across extensive topics on reputable grills, smokers, and accessories. Our goal is to expose you to various options when you need to buy or upgrade your grilling equipment to guarantee the best performance and cost savings.

Performance and usability: We bring great products that can serve you for a long, giving you the best value for money and superb results. We ensure that what we recommend is easier to use and maintain.

Affordability: Judith and I are bargain hunters, and we can lend you a hand whenever you need to save money on grills and smokers. We bring you the most affordable grilling equipment while ensuring that they meet quality standards.

Ever since we launched, we have been focusing on new and innovative products. We like to empower our readers to find the solutions to their current grilling problems, save many, and improve performance and safety.

We associate with your needs. We speak your language, and we are direct and to the point. We will not just tell you that product X or Y is good for you. We will tell you why and empower you with the facts. We will tell you the caveats to expect. We will demonstrate how to use it and get the most from it. is not just any other site you can buy grills from; it’s a lifestyle guide. We strive to improve your quality of life through great food. We dive into extensive research and market survey to bring you products that are a perfect inclusion for your home or restaurant. We share our professional knowledge and experience garnered through the years to make things easier for you in the kitchen.

Is For You?

Are you new to the world of grilling and do not know where to begin?

Are you overwhelmed by grilling product choices and brands in the market and need to make the best buying decision?

Or maybe you need to improve your skills and master advanced grilling techniques to serve better foods?

In all these cases, if your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We will teach you how to grill and smoke various foods, from corn and potatoes to brawny pork shoulders.

We will help you choose the right grills and smokers, from outdoor grills to indoor grills to portable tailgate grills and smokers.

We will help you get the best grilling results by taking you through concepts of temperature, time, wood choice, and more.

Our main goal is to guide you as you explore every flavor and taste and every grilling tool and technique available in the market. We research, test, review, contrast, and compare diverse products for you. We tackle extensive culinary topics that, with time and patience, can transform you into a skilled cook.

We look forward to having you onboard!