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Top 6 30-Inch Round Pedestal Tables For 2021

Are you in a need of a 30 Inch Round Pedestal Table?

Then stay with me!

I found, reviewed, and compared the six top models that are currently available for you to buy. Check them out and choose the one that fits your needs the most.

Top 6 30-Inch Round Pedestal Tables For 2021

1. Giantex Wooden Pub Table

A high-quality round table that features durable construction and a beautiful dark walnut finish.

High-Quality Construction

This table features high-quality construction. Its tabletop surface is made out of an MDF board that is completely flat and smooth to touch. It is also coated with veneer skin that provides it with additional durability.

Natural Walnut Color

The beautiful natural walnut color of this table ensures that it fits into every room and stands out with its elegant design. It will easily fit in with your other furniture in your kitchen, dining, or living room, etc.

High Pedestal

You won’t have any trouble cleaning up floors around this 30 round pedestal table. It comes on a high pedestal that ensures you can easily mop up the floor beneath it. No need to move the table around.

Adjustable Pads

The bottom feet of this table have small pads you can easily adjust and level according to your floors. This is a great thing because it means that the table will stand firm on your floors and they won’t wobble.

Short Description:

  • High-quality table construction
  • Smooth and flat MDF board
  • Rounded edges for additional elegance
  • Comes with a durable veneer skin coat
  • A beautiful dark walnut color
  • High pedestal for a quick cleanup
  • Height adjustable leveling pads

2. KFI Seating Pedestal Table

A commercial-grade table that comes with leveling glides and is very easy to set up and clean.

Commercial Grade Quality

Compared to the rest of the models I reviewed in this post, this model is the only one that features a commercial-grade quality. This means that it is the perfect choice for domestic use as well as professional. It is the perfect fit for restaurants, cafes, break rooms, etc.

Leveling Glide

This is another 30 inch round pedestal table that comes with leveling glides. They are specially added to the feet of the table to ensure that it can stand on uneven floors. Once you adjust them, the table should stand firm on the floor.

Simple Setup

You can easily assemble this table by yourself. Both the top and the base of the table are shipped in one box. Everything you need to do is attach them and the table will be ready for use.

Easy To Clean

Because of its thick tabletop surface, this table will be very easy to clean. Keep in mind that the water is the furniture’s worst enemy. That’s why you should always clean the table with a dry cloth that will soak all the remaining moisture on the table.

Short Description:

  • Features a commercial-grade quality
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Bottom feet with leveling glides
  • Requires very little maintenance

3. International Concepts Round Top Table

A standard height wooden table that is specially made for residential use and requires very little maintenance.

Durable Design

This model is made out of a highly durable, strong, resident, and tough Parawood material. This is a great feature because it ensures that, if you take good care of it, the table will have a very long lifespan.

Residential Use

Keep in mind that this table is specially made for residential use and it’s not intended to be used in professional environments. You can place it inside your kitchen or a dining room and use it as a dining table, or you can keep it in your living room and use it as a coffee table instead.

Standard Height

Another very important thing you need to know is that this table comes in a standard size, more precisely, standard height. Thanks to this feature you won’t have any trouble finding the chairs that will fit with the table.

Low Maintenance

This 30 round pedestal table also requires very little maintenance. It’s recommended that you give it a thorough clean with a mild solution of water and soap only once a year. For any other day, you can use a soft and dry cloth to remove the small dust particles.

Short Description:

  • Specially made for residential use
  • Features a standard table height
  • Durable Parawood construction
  • Four feet provide maximum support
  • Very easy to clean with a soft cloth

4. Nathan James Modern Dining Table

A modern round table that can be used for versitile options and features a highly resistant tabletop surface.

Beautiful Design

Because of its beautiful, modern, and sophisticated design you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect place for this dining table. It will perfectly fit into versitile surroundings and provide any room with additional elegance.

Marble Finsih

The tabletop surface of this 30 inch round pedestal table features a faux marble finish that gives it its modern touch. Most importantly, it can withstand the weight of up to 200lbs, meaning that you can place versitile items on it.

Three Seat Places

This model is made to accommodate about two or three seatings at once. Note that it does not come included with the chairs, you will need to purchase them seperately. Due to its design, you won’t have any trouble finding chairs that perfectly fit with its design.

Durable Pedestal

The bottom pedestal base of this table is made out of a durable metal material. It provides the table with additional stability thanks to which the table won’t tip over. To set it up, you will need only about twenty minutes.

Short Description:

  • A beautiful modern design
  • Scratch-resistant marble finish
  • Provides three seating places
  • Highly durable pedestal base
  • A quick 20-minute setup

5. Target Antique Blue Modern Table

An antique coffee table that is very easy to assemble and can accommodate up to four seatings comfortably.

Antique Design

As opposed to the rest of these models, this table comes in a bit more antique design. It features a beautiful pastel blue color which will give it that old-fashioned retro feel. It is the perfect choice for everyone who loves the old 50’s style.

Seating Capacity

This 30 inch round pedestal table is designed to comfortably accommodate up to four seatings at once. Note that the package does not include additional chairs. You will need to find them and purchase them separately.

Dimensions & Weight

You should always check the dimensions of the table before you decide to buy it. This model is 47. 25 inches long, 47. 25 inches wide, and 30 inches high. It weighs only 64 lbs to ensure that you can easily move it around when needed.

Simple Assembly

You won’t have to spend too much of your time assembling this table. Make sure that you firmly attach all parts of the table before you start to use it. Once set, this table can serve as a dining table, coffee table, and for any other purpose you choose.

Short Description:

  • A pastel blue antique design
  • Very easy to assemble
  • 47. 25″ L x 47. 25″ W x 30″ H
  • Wights only about 64 lbs

6. Carolina Chair & Table Dining Table

A dining table that is specially designed to fit in somewhat smaller nooks of your home and is made for multipurpose use.

For Small Spaces

This model is specially designed to fit into the smallest nooks of your home. It is a great choice for breakfast or the kitchen area. No matter where you decide to place it, you can be sure that it will perfectly fit with its surroundings.

Sturdy Construction

The sturdy construction of this model ensures its durability and a long life span. The only thing you need to be careful about is that you keep it out of moisture’s way. Always clean it with a soft cloth to ensure that the wood doesn’t get damaged.

Elegant Design

Just like all these models, this table also features a beautiful and elegant design. It comes in espresso color with an antique finish. Thanks to this feature you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect position for the table inside your home.

Multipurpose Use

The best thing about this 30 round pedestal table is that it is made for multipurpose use. You can use it as a dining table inside your kitchen, a coffee table inside your living room, etc. You can even use it outside on your patio just make sure that it doesn’t get wet.

Short Description:

  • Made for multipurpose use
  • Designed to fit into smaller spaces
  • A very sturdy construction
  • Beautifully carved table legs
  • An elegant espresso color design

The Best 30 Inch Round Pedestal Table – Buying Guides

You can use 30-inch round pedestal tables anywhere you want whether it’s your kitchen, dining room, or a patio. Here are some things you should keep in mind when deciding which model you want to buy.

Intended Use – Some models are only intended for domestic use, while others can be used both in professional and domestic environments. You can even choose whether you want to keep them inside or outside on the patio. Just make sure that they are always protected from rain.

User-Friendly Features – Make sure that the table you buy provides versitile user-friendly features. These may include leveling glides you can adjust to ensure that the table doesn’t wobble if the floor isn’t even, a smooth surface that doesn’t require too much maintenance, etc.

Standard Height – When you are buying a table that doesn’t come with included chairs, it is best that you find a model that features a standard height. That way you won’t have too much trouble finding the chairs that fit with the table.

Table’s Weight – Another thing you should keep in mind is the weight of the table you want to buy. The models I reviewed in this post weigh very little meaning that you’ll be able to easily move them around by yourself.

Maintenance Level – Generally, the 30 inch round pedestal tables don’t require too much maintenance. To clean them, you should use only a dry and soft cloth that won’t affect the quality of the table’s top surface or its construction. Never use cleaning agents because they damage wood’s quality.


The best 30 inch round pedestal table is the Giantex Wooden Pub Table. It features high-quality construction and it comes with a high pedestal that features height-adjustable pads. Find out more about the difference between the best 10 ft dining tables and the best 10 ft kitchen island with seatings and choose the best one.

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